June 2023 Newsletter from Vauxhall City Farm, by Fiona the horse!
News of Vauxhall City Farm for May 2023 with Jessie, the cat.
All the April news from Vauxhall City Farm with Bonnie the Pig.
All the March news from Vauxhall City Farm with Pippa the Goat.
Happy New Year from Vauxhall City Farm with Queenie the Horse.
Happy New Year from Vauxhall City Farm with Queenie the Horse.
All the festive fun at Vauxhall City Farm this December, brought to you by (Christmas) Theresa the Pygmy Goat.
A November to Remember with Rolo the Alpaca at Vauxhall City Farm.
Pudding brings you all the news for spooky season at Vauxhall City Farm.
Find out what's happening at Vauxhall City Farm this September, straight from (Fiona the) Horse's mouth.
Chewing the cud, with Bryony the Cow. Read on for the July Newsletter from Vauxhall City Farm.
Chicken' out Vauxhall City Farm this June with Polish Chicken, Whitney!
Our resident Goose, Waffle, takes a gander at May on Vauxhall City Farm
Egg-citing goings on at Vauxhall City Farm this Easter with Basil the Rabbit.
Vauxhall City Farm celebrates International Woman's Day with Peaches the Goat
Jessie the Farm Cat, Fred & Barney, New Beginnings, The Duck Pond, Horsey News, Baby Alpacas on the way, New Year, new sustainability efforts, Young Farmers
Wreath-Making, Old Dairy.... At Night, Urban Animals Beer, Remembering Tom, Riding Update
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Good tidings and good cheer! (January 2020)
"there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour..." (December 2019)
Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa (November 2019, the second)
Huddle round and keep warm (November 2019)
The days are getting shorter. And colder. And wetter. (October 2019)
Our first Summer at the farm... (September 2019)
Heatwaves, Sun cream and lots and lots of Rain... (August 2019)
A right old waffle... (July 2019)
A new (slightly lower to the ground) perspective... (June 2019)
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