Fred – January 2019

Happy New Year! (January 2019)

Happy New Year to everyone!

I’m not really sure what that means, but I’ve sure been hearing it a lot this week. I’ve decided that this is what people now say, instead of hello, and I like to join in with everything my people do, so here we are.


Now let’s see what else is going on…

I have to say a huge thank you for all the amazing Christmas presents we’ve had sent to us here at the farm from our Amazon Wishlist!

It’s mostly been treats for the small animals and a LOT of nice food for the staff and volunteers. Nothing for the goats, but that’s okay.

Seeing them happy, makes me happy!

So thank you for making them happy!

All of the horses have returned from their holidays and Howard the farm cat has come back from his holidays and all of our new rabbit, guinea pig, chicken and duck friends that were staying at the farm over Christmas and the new year, are being picked up by their owners, from their holidays…

I’m seriously starting to wonder if I am the only animal that doesn’t get to go on holidays?

What exactly is a holiday, anyway?

I get told that the staff sometimes need a holiday, too.

That’s why I’ve not had any visitors in such a long time. However this is going to change!

I’ve been promised that from the 15th January, the farm will be open as normal, and everyone is going to come and visit and pet me again!

Maybe the horses did deserve a holiday last year, because they were working right up until the farm closed, spending a week with lots of young people from the Prince’s Trust in our Get Started with Basic Horse Care programme.

You can read all about what the young people, Prince’s Trust, the riding staff, NKC Equestrian Training and speakers from British Groom Association and Careers In Racing got up to!

If you don’t want your pet to feel as mumchanced as me and the other goats, about their lack of holidays this year, make sure you book them in early, to avoid disappointment!

We offer an all inclusive Boarding Service in veterinary standard pens and I love nothing more than making new friends with our temporary residents!

My people are getting excited, the sheep have had a silly hair cut, and all the equipment is being checked, which means that it’s soon time for baby goats and sheep! I understand that everyone thinks they are adorable, but it means that visitors are paying so much less attention to me. So if you are coming to visit the babies this Spring, please don’t forget to pet me and the other adult animals, too! We’re still cute!

And because we are so cute, we get the most work! People want us to come to their schools, their churches, their street fairs, their birthdays.. Anything you can think of. And we love it! However this year, we are increasing the cost to come and visit people, as we haven’t done that in a really long time.

If you would like to book on the old prices, you can do so before the 1st February!

There are some changes in the riding team which, as a goat, I don’t really understand. However riding lessons start back up on the 15th January and there’s plans to do Own A Pony Days in the February Half Term.

If you have any 8 – 14 year olds that want to take part, please contact us, to register your interest and they will give you full info ASAP.

The lovely people from the Walcot Foundation have given us funding for our personal development programmes ROOTED and SOIL. They are 6 week programmes that run throughout the year and they involve a lot of goat grooming! That’s the best bit! Another good bit is that we can offer subsidies of up to 75% for organisations booking with us for the first time.

Please contact us for more details!

I’m being told that 2019 is going to be a very exciting year and there are a lot of changes happening at the farm, but mostly I am looking forward to the farm being back open on the 15th January and for visitors to come and see me, Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 4pm!

Lots of love,

Fred the Goat

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