Our Animals

Ben and Jerry are definitely the stars of Vauxhall City Farm, however alpacas can be very shy and it takes time to earn their trust!
Birds of various breeds, colours and sizes live in our aviary and are just waiting to delight you with their songs and silly games!
Our chickens come in all shapes and sizes, colours and markings. Come to the farm and see how many different types you can spot!
Chinchillas are native to South America and the only wild colonies of chinchillas that still exist are found in Chile.
The duck pond is one of the happiest places at the farm. Everyone loves watching our ducks swim, quack, or have a snooze in the sun.
Most farm cats are semi feral, so please do not be sad, if they do not wish to be petted or run away from you.
Our cheeky goats are either busy lounging in the sun, or causing mischief, but they always have time for a cuddle.
Guinea pigs are very sociable, friendly rodents that happily live in pairs or in large family groups.
Rabbits need a lot of time and patience, but when they get to know you, they love a groom and a cuddle.
Our range of sheep cannot wait to meet you! Don't be scared of their baa! They are super friendly, they just have no volume control.
Turkeys are very special creatures! Did you know they can change colour when they get angry or excited?