Golden Guernsey Goats are a rare native breed of goat (fewer than 1000 breeding females) from the island of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. They came to mainland Britain in 1965 and there is now also a sub-breed known as the British Guernsey.

Fred & Barney are normally the first to the fence when the public arrive, especially if they have a handful of grass nuts. Often you can see all of our goats standing up on the fence, trying to get to the visitors first!

Golden Guernseys are predominantly kept for their milk and company. Their average milk yield is lower than those of goats that originate from Swiss breeds, however the milk is high in butterfat and protein content, making up for the smaller amount. Their lovely nature and smaller size makes them an ideal smallholding or pet goat!

Saanen Goats are pure white and best known for their high quality milk yield. They originated in western Switzerland, have been exported across the world since the 19th century and currently are believed to be domesticated and raised as milking animals in over 80 different countries across the world!

A female goat is called a nanny, a male goat a billy and a baby goat is called a kid.

Did you know that you can support the farm by adopting our animals? Why not adopt the goats?

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