Horse Riding

Please Note:
- All riders returning to VCF Riding School in the September term will be weighed in order to match them with the right horse. (This will happen every term)
- Please be aware that if we are unable to match your requirements with the available horse, we may need to cancel your lesson.

Vauxhall City Farm's riding school is recruiting Riding Instructor. If you are interested please contact for further details.

Are you a ‘hippophile’, person who loves horses? 

If Yes, Vauxhall City Farm is the best place for you as Vauxhall City Farm Riding School is open now.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you have any skills for horse riding or volunteering in the horse yard. If you love being around horses you can always be a part of Vauxhall City Farm Riding School family.

Also, Vauxhall City Farm Riding School provides with number of riding as well as volunteering opportunities with horses.


We have simplified the process of booking riding lessons and all riding lessons at Vauxhall City Farm are now through Ec Pro, which allows riders to book a riding lesson in 3 easy steps. 

  • Get registered in Ec Pro and add rider, then
  • Vauxhall City Farm Riding Team will grade the riders according to their riding experience; afterwards
  • Riders can book their riding lessons according to their allocated grade.

You can download our instruction sheet for full details on registering and booking via EC Pro.

We have three levels of riding lessons –

·       Beginner Level

·       Novice/Intermediate Level

·       Advanced Level

Also, there are two type of riding lessons for the above mention three levels –

  •        Group Riding Lessons (45 mins for £45)
  •        Private Riding Lessons (30 mins for £55)

We also do Stable management lessons (30 mins for £30) for the above mention three levels –

  •        When – Monday to Friday
  •       Time slots – 9am to 9.30am; 9.30am to 10am; 10am to 10.30am

Horse Riding Requirements –

  • Minimum age for horse riding lessons is 4+ years.
  • Maximum weight for horse riding lessons is 76 kgs.
  • Riding boots and helmet can be provided (Free) to the rider on arrival at Vauxhall City Farm for Horse Riding lesson, if required.

Apart from this, it is suggested to wear appropriate clothes for Horse Riding.

Booking and Cancellation Policy –

  • Lessons needs to be booked 48 hrs in advance.
  • Lessons Cancellation Policy is 48 hrs before the scheduled time in order to get refund or credit note.
  • Please arrive at least 10/15 mins before the scheduled time for riding lesson as arrival after scheduled time would be treated as cancelled riding lesson.

Please Note –

If you book a group riding lesson and we have only one booking for that slot we might

  • ask you to come for a different time slot, if possible;
  • cancel your lesson and provide you with Refund or Credit Note (Customer Preference); or
  • ask to if you would like to upgrade your Group Riding Lesson to a Private Riding Lesson (45 mins for £65)

If you work for a school and are interested in Stable Management & Riding lessons for your pupils, please contact our Riding Team:

For more information on Riding Lessons, please email our Riding Team:, or call our office during working hours (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5pm) on 0207 582 4204.