We have provided a location at Vauxhall City Farm and animals on and off site for fashion shoots, film, theatre, and TV.

Previous work includes Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Disney, 2015), Now You See Me: The 2nd Act (2016), Into The Woods (Disney, 2014), King Lear With Sheep (The Courtyard Theatre, 2015), The Old Vic Variety Night (Old Vic Theater, 2015), The Nevers (HBO, 2021), (Countryfile (BBC1), The Secret Life of Pets (Channel 5), Sunday Brunch (Channel 4), The Apprentice (BBC1), a variety of TV commericals, fashion shoots, Cosplay shoots and much more! 

Our animals have worked with comedian Mark Watson, celebrity look-a-like photographer Alison Jackson, actor Mark Ruffalo and screenwriter, director, and producer J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, amongst many others. From block-buster movies to family photoshoots, our animals love being centre of attention, but don’t worry, they’re not star struck easily and remain fully professional at all times! 

If you are unfamiliar with Vauxhall City Farm and are trying to decide if it is suitable for your project, please have a look through these photographs of the farm or come down for a visit during opening hours

Please contact us to discuss your filming request with as much details as you can, so we can give you a quote. 

Here are just some of our favourite appearances.

Alibaba TV Advert, 2016 ("Painless")

Adobe Advert, 2014 ("Charlie & the 3D Printed Egg") 

Ben's Beginners - Out and About, 2014 ("Eggs")

The Courtyard Theatre, 2015 ("King Lear With Sheep")

Laura Zabo, Recycled & Vegan Fashion
Shakespear in Fluff (Macmillan 2016)
Eliza Murray, Stylist


Filming & photoshoot prices for small crews (1-3 people, 1 camera) on site start at: 

£80+vat per hour – Filming animals and the farm from public paths, with minimal staff involvement

£100+vat per hour – Filming animals with 1 member of staff facilitating access to enclosures and animal handling

For all day filming, larger crews, or off site filming, please contact us with full details, so we can give you a quote for your job. 

Please note that if you are going to require a room for your equipment, models, and for breaks, you will need to book this separately. You can find the cost on our room hire page

We offer a 50% discount to students and charities. Current and valid NSU card / Charity Registration Number must be provided prior to invoicing. 

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