Rabbits are wonderful animals and can be great pets, however we strongly recommend against buying them as a first pet for your child. Rabbits need a lot of time and patience and while they are incredibly cute, they can also be very aggressive, when scared, and are likely to scratch or bite.

However, if you invest enough time into getting to know your rabbit, on their terms, they can be the most wonderful companions. The rabbits at the farm can be super shy, but if you are nice and quiet, they will come up to the fence to check out what’s going on!

Ever wondered why rabbits have such big ears?

Because rabbits are prey animals other animals like cats, dogs and foxes (or even people) will try to eat them. To help them survive rabbits have found some very clever ways to stay ahead of the game.

Their large back legs are perfect for running and jumping. They also use them for stamping loudly, to warn other rabbits of predators. Wild rabbits have a white-tail, which they will flash when they sense danger.

Large eyes on the side of their head help them to look out for predators almost all around them.

Finally, those huge ears let them hear danger coming even from a very long way away.

Did you know that you can support the farm by adopting our animals? Why not adopt the rabbits?

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