Farm Futures: Feathered Notes of October Surprises at Vauxhall City Farm

Farm Futures: Feathered Notes of October Surprises at Vauxhall City Farm

As the leaves start to turn and a gentle autumn breeze fills the air, it’s time for our October newsletter and our feathered songstress, Whitney, the chicken, is here to be your guide through all the farm adventures and discoveries in this egg-cellent newsletter.

Meet Whitney the Chicken - Our Feathered Songstress!

I’m no ordinary chicken; I am Vauxhall City Farm’s superstar, well-known for my melodious clucks and striking feathers. Without me, the farm wouldn’t be the same. Although my confidence makes me the talk of the coop, my voice is what makes me unique.

I’ve always had a passion for performance, and every morning, I treat everyone with a chorus that rivals the finest opera singers. My fellow farm animals, like the other chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and horses, were my first audience. But it wasn’t long before word of my talent spread throughout the farmyard.

Whitney’s Biggest Fans


I have gained an impressive fan base throughout the years with my captivating clucks for visitors welcome. And, these days’ visitors and children have started to imitate my melodic clucks and sing along with me. To be honest, I was surprised to know that some talented musicians have been inspired by me to pick up the chicken drumstick!


October is going to be an exciting month at the farm! Don’t be a chicken and join us for exciting events at The Farm that you won’t want to miss:

Black History Month celebration at The Farm!

We will be Celebrating Black History Month at Vauxhall City Farm by showcasing some incredible films made by Black-British filmmakers or short and feature length films focusing on the experience of Black British individuals throughout the half term week. I’m very excited and if you are as well then visit our website and social media for more updates.

Whitney’s Spooktacular Halloween Extravaganza!

This year, Vauxhall City Farm is gearing up for an unforgettable Halloween celebration that will send shivers down your feathers! We’re counting down the days until our Halloween celebration, and we can’t wait to see you all here on The Farm. I have asked my friend, Pudding, the guinea pig to create spooktacular experiences for you all. So, mark your calendars and come to harvest our pumpkins and create your very own painted pumpkin. To sign up please see the details on our website and stay tuned for more updates on our Halloween festivities. Until then, keep the Halloween spirit alive! 🎃👻🦇

Cock-a-Doodle-Do Good: Corporate Volunteering at Vauxhall City Farm!

We work towards positive change and cultivating a harvest of memories that lasts a lifetime. But we can’t do it alone. That’s where you and your amazing team come in and we have egg-citing opportunities that will make corporate team’s feathers ruffle with joy. Also, I promise to entertain you all with my sweet voice.

We believe that the real beauty of a community lies in its diversity and collective spirit. So, we’re flapping our wings with excitement to swing open our gates to corporate volunteers like you!

🏡 Adopt a Furry Friend from Vauxhall City Farm! 🐑💚

Add a touch of farmyard charm to your life with fluffy, four-legged friend from Vauxhall City Farm as my adorable lamb friends are looking for their forever home. They’re affectionate, playful, and gentle which makes them a joy to have around and they come with a whole lot of charm and woolly goodness. Plus, who could resist those cute faces?

2 x (Shetland x Soay) castrated male sheep born on Vauxhall City Farm in April 2023!

Location: Vauxhall City Farm, 165 Tyers St, London SE11 5HS

Current Age: 5 months


These little guys are more than just cute faces. They are very friendly, good to lead 🐾, up to date with vaccinations 💉 and fully weaned 🍼

📩 How to Adopt:

Contact us at to know the price and get more details. The lambs are eagerly awaiting their new home. Let’s make their journey to a forever home a baa-rilliant one! Let the lamb cuddles begin! 🐑❤

Cluck-Tastic News- Saddle Up for Riding Lessons! 🐓🏇

If you’re aiming to fine-tune your riding skills, our riding lessons are like a farm-fresh egg, tailored just for you! Our experienced instructors are here to guide you from that very first perch to mastering those elegant riding techniques. They have already started to give me the riding tips as well. Don’t let this opportunity gallop away! Book your riding lesson now using our easy-peasy booking system, EC Pro. 🌟🌾

Interested in starting a cluck-tastic Volunteering journey with the riding school?

Reach out to our fantastic riding team at 🐔🌟🍃

School's In Session, Farm-Style! 🎒🏫

We’re flapping with joy as the new school year unfolds. School groups have been trotting around the farm, soaking up the farmyard magic and diving headfirst into our pawsome workshops and I am loving it as kids are my favourite and they always sing along with me.

Young Farmers Rule the Roost! 🌱👩🌾


Our fantastic Young Farmers are back in action, lending a helping wing to ensure our beloved animals are pampered and happy. They’ve been exploring our ever-changing garden as the seasons dance by, discovering ways to make cozy homes for all sorts of critters.


Afterschool Adventures Begin! 🌿📚


Hold on to your feathers! Our Afterschool Club is in full swing, engaging young minds in thrilling learning adventures. This term, our young explorers have embarked on a minibeast mission and are teaming up to create a haven for these tiny wonders in our farm environment.

Keep your peepers peeled during your next visit to see their egg-ceptional work!

Fancy your chances at creating the best scarecrow in town?

Enter as a group of friends or family to be in with a chance of gaining this title. We will be hosting a scarecrow competition throughout the holiday with judging taking place over the weekend 28th and 29th October. Please see our website for details. I can’t wait to see your egg-cellent designs!

New Shoots: Growing Futures! 🌱💼



“New Shoots,” our program for building skills and careers, is back, and we’re clucking with delight. We’re thrilled to be working with young folks aged 16-25, giving them the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. Our program starts this month, and I have already registered. You should register as well as there are still a few openings. Don’t be shy—get in touch with our education team to snag your spot.


Half-Term Holiday Fun on the Horizon! 🍂🎉


Hold on to your tail feathers because we’ve got an egg-citing half-term holiday adventure in store. Keep a close watch on our website and social media to stay in the loop and learn how you can join the fun!


So, whether you’re a student on a school trip, a Young Farmer tending to our fuzzy and feathered friends, a curious Afterschool Club member, or a budding “New Shoot,” remember that our farm is a place where learning meets laughter. Can’t wait to see you on the farm soon! 🌟🚜🌳

Whitney's Garden Gazette!

Harvest Highlights: Our winter squash, butternut squash, and pumpkins are ripe and ready to grace our tables. And we’ve got a parade of chard, leek, potatoes, turnip, beetroot, and radish all growing strong, promising a flavorful end-of-year harvest.

Embracing Nature!

Amidst the hard work, we’re pausing to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons. I have built a habit of sitting in the garden everyday for some time to embrace its beauty and my friend, David has started to work towards keeping The Farm vibrant during the chilly months, by preparing tubs and planters with dazzling winter and spring plants. Also, for winter’s arrival, we are removing dead plants and weeds and actively mulching the areas around our trees and shrubs. 

Finally, we’re composting for the future nourishment of the garden and doing the maintenance of our tools and structures to keep track of what’s working and what needs tweaking to keep our garden thriving in the future. Happy gardening! 🌱🌼🍁

🐔 Egg-citing news straight from the Old Dairy Café!

The Old Dairy Cafe is a treasure trove of delightful drinks, treats and fresh farm wonders. Here, you’ll find farm-fresh goodness that’ll make your beak water as mine does!🍸 

🍹 So, get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance with the refreshing drinks! Trust me, they’re so good, you’ll be sipping with pure delight. And if you’re not a fruit fiend like me, don’t fret! We’ve got lattes that are all about wrapping you in a warm, aromatic embrace. 🍰

And, if you love music, write a date you can’t miss – Oct 18th as Sofar Sounds will be happening here at Faith’s Place Bar. On this day, you can enjoy music with our mouthwatering selection of drinks with your loved ones. I will be attending this enchanting musical experience with my lovely farm friends and if you want to attend it as well, visit Sofar Sounds website now to snag your tickets.

So, here’s to unforgettable nights at Faith’s Place Bar and flavor dreams coming true at the Old Dairy Cafe. Whether you’re a human, chicken, or any other feathered friend, this place has something for everyone! 🐥🎶🍹


🏢 Finally, if you need a place to host your events? Look no further! We have not one but two fantastic rooms for hire at Vauxhall City Farm. Whether you’re planning a business meeting or a good ol’ celebration, we’ve got you covered.

Plan Your Egg-citing Visit to Our Farm!

Visit us soon to hatch some memories that’ll ruffle your feathers and make you crow with delight. We can’t wait to welcome you with open wings at our farm!

And, whether you’re flying solo or rounding up a flock of 8 or more, we’ve got a wing-ding of a time waiting for you to know our furry and feathered friends, take a leisurely flap, and soak in farmy vibes. Make sure to capture snapshots to remember your visit and tag us on social media. Finally, you can buy my eggs-traordinary fresh eggs from the welcome desk.

Adoption: Why not consider adopting me and making me a part of your flock? It’s an egg-squisite experience that’ll bring joy to both you and me, your new feathered friend.

Keep the Clucks Alive: Donate and Support Your Local Farm!

While the clucks and cackles are free, a little love goes a long way in keeping our farm running egg-cellently. Your support ensures that we can continue spreading laughter and joy across the farm. If you’ve had a cracking good time and want to chip in, consider donating a few chicken nuggets or two. Every bit helps keep the clucks alive and well.

Thank you for being a part of our farm family. Your support keeps our farm and our animal friends thriving. Finally, if you haven’t met me and my friends yet, now’s the perfect time to plan your visit to the farm!

See you at the farm, Whitney the Chicken, Vauxhall City Farm's Feathered Diva 🐔 🎶
Don’t forget we have two purpose-built meetings room adjacent to our café, which are perfect for meetings, parties, and events. Please see our website for full details, give us a call or contact our office team with any questions.

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