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'Chick' out the drinks menu at Vauxhall City Farms bar, Faith's Place.
Watch the new video from Vauxhall City Farm to see their triumphant return to the Lambeth Country Show, and learn more about The Vauxhall City Farm Appeal.
Chewing the cud, with Bryony the Cow. Read on for the July Newsletter from Vauxhall City Farm.
As we will be attending the Lambeth Country Show, the farm will be closed from the 19th to the 22nd July
Chicken' out Vauxhall City Farm this June with Polish Chicken, Whitney!
Make Father's Day extra special with a gift from Vauxhall City Farm.
Our resident Goose, Waffle, takes a gander at May on Vauxhall City Farm
Vauxhall City Farm are returning to Lambeth Country Show 2022!
A live sheep shearing demo, followed by a drink in our new bar, Faith's Place.
Egg-citing goings on at Vauxhall City Farm this Easter with Basil the Rabbit.
The after school club starts 22nd September 2021 - Sign up now!
Vauxhall City Farm celebrates International Woman's Day with Peaches the Goat
Jessie the Farm Cat, Fred & Barney, New Beginnings, The Duck Pond, Horsey News, Baby Alpacas on the way, New Year, new sustainability efforts, Young Farmers
The after school club starts 22nd September 2021 - Sign up now!
The farm will be closed from Friday, 24th December 2021 to Monday, 3rd January 2022.
Wreath-Making, Old Dairy.... At Night, Urban Animals Beer, Remembering Tom, Riding Update