Keeping animals calm on Bonfire night.

While we might be looking forward to watching fireworks and enjoying the excitement of bonfire night, many of our pets will be feeling much more anxious. The increase in loud noises and flashing lights can cause animals excess stress, so we’ve asked our Farmyard Coordinator for some tips on how you can keep your pet calm and relaxed at this time of year.

  • Create a safe haven for your pet by put extra bedding in their favourite room or area, and make sure all their favourite toys are nearby.
  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sounds and noises of the fireworks outside. If your animal is in a cage, partly covering this with a blanket may help them relax.
  • If possible, any outdoor pets should be brought inside. If this isn’t possible, make their enclosure as cosy as possible and provide extra hiding places where they can feel safe.
  • Make sure you remain calm, even if they start to panic. This will help reassure them that they are safe.
  • If you know that your pet generally suffers from anxiety, you can buy pheromone diffusers to place around your house. Ask your vet or nearest pet shop for advice on which one might work best for you and your pet.
  • The RSPCA has created a calming playlist for pets in partnership with Classic FM, which will be broadcast live on the 4th & 5th November. Playing calming background music can help your pet focus on something other than the noises outside and can help reduce anxiety.
  • If your pet is very anxious this weekend, there are things you can do before next year to prepare. By playing them firework noise throughout the year, starting quietly and gradually increasing the volume and giving lots of reassurance and treats. This may help them understand that the noises are not something they need to worry about. Please speak to your vet and/ or an animal behavioural specialist if you think this may be helpful for your pet.

More advice can be found on the RSPCA website.

Good luck, and we hope you and your animals have a lovely Bonfire Weekend! Please note that we will not be running Riding Lessons on Friday or Saturday this week, in case the horses get spooked by the fireworks. Vauxhall City Farm will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am till 4pm.

If you have any questions, please contact our team:


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