A deep dive into the world’s six main habitats and the species within. Exploring animal adaptations and learning about the relationship between animals and their environments. 

A fun interactive workshop that will engage the group and give them an opportunity to compare local animals to those found in the wider world.

All our workshops are 90 minutes including a visit through the farm. 

For a maximum of 30 students (minimum age 5), costing £180 (inclusive of VAT).

No outside food can be consumed on our premises. If you would like to hire an additional space for lunch please include this in your booking form. 

Please contact our Education Team if you are interested in this workshop or Complete the Education & Schools Booking Form*  to book your visit & workshop! 

*Please note that completing the Education & Schools Booking Form doesn’t confirm your trip. A member of staff will contact you via your designated channel(s) after reviewing the submitted form.

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