The Difference You Make

Each one of our supporters, volunteers, donors, sponsors, fundraisers and visitors makes a massive difference to the impact we’re able to have on communities across London.

To put it simply; without your support we couldn’t meet our aims.

Here are just a few examples of the difference you enable us to make each and every year

Providing a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to visit, connect, and enjoy the therapeutic, educational and recreational benefits of a farm in the heart of the capital
A gift of £5000 would cover the farm’s electricity costs for six months (perhaps not exciting but covering our core costs is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to fundraising and no one likes working in the office with the lights off!)
Equipping over 200 young people with the skills to succeed, through work experience placements that develop core skills, broaden horizons and help people into meaningful employment
A gift of £20,000 will pay for an education officer to support our work with children and schools
Enabling us to welcome over 200 schools and develop 5,000 children’s knowledge and understanding of nature, animals, farming, conservation, healthy eating and more through a broad mix of free or subsidised education programmes. These include workshops, programmes and activities

Delivering farm, non formal learning-based youth programmes to over 300 ‘at risk’ children and young people. Our programmes support positive outcomes around resilience, increased agency and developing new skills alongside supporting improved wellbeing and personal relationships young people need to thrive

Providing volunteering opportunities for people of all ages, providing opportunities to:
  • increase skills and confidence;
  • make new friends;
  • enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working with our animals or tending our gardens;
  • engage with visitors from far and wide, for example in our café, shop, or at off site events;
  • or to support our education and training programmes and looking after our site and growing areas

Facilitating positive outcomes in physical and emotional wellbeing for over 300 disabled children each year through our RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) registered Riding School

And, not least, looking after our animals, providing them with the food, bedding, vet care and enrichment that keeps them fit, healthy and happy!

The above are just a few ways in which your support makes a vital difference in the lives of so many from the local and wider London community. Please do take a look around our website to find out more about everything your support and enthusiasm for the Farm makes possible .

From the Vauxhall City Farm team, four and two legged, thank you!

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Your support makes a difference!

Buys 2 bales of hay (Our animals need 150 bales every month)

Will cover the farm’s electricity cost for one entire day

Will pay for farrier costs & dental treatments for 1 horse, for 1 month

Will provide food & bedding for all animals on the farm for three weeks…

Will pay for farrier costs & dental treatments for 1 horse, for 1 month

Every donation made will help us to reach more people with our services…

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