Imogen and Bella are the newest farm residents. They may be small, but they have enough character, mischief and cuddles in them, to keep up with their full sized friends!

They were born in 2009 and came to us from Northamptonshire, where they lived for the first 10 years of their lives.

They've both competed in horse shows, so are more than used to crowds of adoring people, which is why they fit in so beautifully at Vauxhall City Farm! 

They were purchased for us by Samantha Norman. 

Shetland ponies come in a wide range of colours and sizes, but average at about 90cm tall (or short)

They have lived on the hills and moors of Shetland for around 4000 years, developing into a hardy breed, able to deal with the weather, temperatures and often sparse food available to them. 

They are highly efficient in converting limited vegetation into energy and a high milk yield for their foals. Shetland ponies that live in areas boardering the sea have been known to craze on mineral rich seaweed. 

To deal with seasonal changes, they have a short summer coat, changing to a double coat for winter, with guard hairs that help them shed rain and keep them dry and warm. 

Shetland ponies were used as workshorses in Shetland and in British coal mines across the UK, as they are resilient and very strong, for how small they are. They were able to pull heavy truckloads of coal through the narrow tunnels. 

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