Do You Have What It Take To Be a BirdRanger?

Are you bored of being stuck at home? Homeschooling getting a bit much? Looking for a new activity to connect you to nature?

Look no further! Vauxhall City Farm and Songbird Survival have teamed up to provide your new lockdown hobby. BirdRangers is the outcome of this partnership and is designed to get people more familiar with our feathered friends.

Off the back of the RSPB’s #BigGardenBirdwatch, BirdRangers supplies you with a pair of beginners binoculars, information on Vauxhall City Farm and Songbird Survival’s work, some identification tools and more. Then, all you have to do is pick your spot and see what birds you can spy. Then…and this is the scientific part…you hop onto our online tool ( and record what you’ve seen. We’ll then report these sightings back to the correct people and it will help inform official research into the vdiversity and amounts of birds nationally!

You could become the leading expert in blue tit group dynamics. Maybe you’ll discover the joy of seeing a goldfinch for the first time. Or perhaps you’ll simply come to appreciate how gorgeous the infamous rock dove (known as feral pigeons to most of us) really is.

Young or old, this activity is a lockdown favourite and could be the first step in developing a passion for nature and birds in particular. What’s more, it does a huge amount to support the work by Vauxhall City Farm and Songbird Survival in ensuring that declining numbers of native birds are supported and preserved.

Are you going to do your bit to soothe the lockdown blues and protect our native songbirds? There’s no better time to start than now. Head to our shop to register your pack today.

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