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Have you ever wondered how we get our animals at the farm? Well, this is Part 1 of the Ballad of Mary & Khalessi and how they came to live at Vauxhall City Farm…

My name is Alisha and I feel for all animals and nature. Being a rat owner did not really come into my mind until the sad loss of a funny and beloved goldfish, ‘Skeletor’. This led me and my son to take a trip to a large well known pet shop to hopefully bring home a new goldfish. However, I found he after viewing them all, he could not be replaced at this time.

So we decided we wanted to do some research into possibly owning a reptile in the future but this pet store, unfortunately, didn’t have any reptiles to look at. So, we were almost faced with a journey for nothing.

Then, four little rats (the only pets in the store) caught our attention. Just for fun and to let my son hold an animal up close – meaning the trip wasn’t completely wasted – we asked to see them. It turned out to be love at first sight!

As soon as we were allowed to hold them and I held Khaleesi for the first time, seeing the way she looked at me, nestled in my hands I knew, there and then, we weren’t walking home empty handed. Mary’s adorable brown fur reminded me of my previous hamster and she even looked slightly under weight – I later found out this is because her sister is a little bossy and keeps most of the food for herself. Both me and my son felt the connection with the two girls right away.

For me, my pets are like my children and, no matter how big or small, they are part of the family. They secure a place in my heart.

This story is important because that day I made an impulsive decision with two little lives. Looking back, I realise I always do it again. Mary and Khaleesi are both stunning, loving and clever little rats and I believe should be just as glorified as every other pets out there

All new pets you bring home are different and need different things but the amount off love and efforts you give them is all ways returned no matter the species. I was very lucky as I knew, if there was anything that may have not worked out or I could no longer have the girls at home, Vauxhall City Farm were looking for new rats at the time, after Wallace retired. Basically, I knew there was a plan B for them.

I was so glad to have them in my home. But, as it turned out this wasn’t going to be forever. Find out more in Part 2…

If you want to become a Rat Ambassador and learn more about Mary & Khaleesi – head to our webpage: here. Or, adopt them by heading here:

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