A day on the farm, alpacas, and a competition!

This week we have three new videos for you to enjoy on the Vauxhall City Farm TV website.

Children aged 7-12 years old can learn about what we do to get the farm ready at the start of the day and children aged 4-6 years old can meet our space travelling alpacas!

After watching the videos, you can test your new knowledge with a quiz.

On the alpaca page you’ll also find a video by Garry Parsons on how to draw a llamas and alpacas. And if you fancy having a go yourself, why not enter our competition to win a copy of Llama Glamarama?

If you’re enjoying the videos, please share them with your friends and family. Remember, if they sign up to our mailing list, they can also access a special behind the scenes video.

We’d love to hear your feedback (good and bad), so, drop us an email and let us know!

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