Frequently Asked Questions

The farm is open for visitors from 10:30am – 4:00pm, Tuesday – Sunday.

Please always check Latest News before you visit, for temporary closure or changes to opening hours.

Entry to the farm is donation based.

Suggested donation is £3, however on average every visitor donates less than 20p and we rely heavily on your kind donations, to continue doing what we do, so please give what you can! 

You can donate online before you visit!

You only need to book if you’re bringing a group of 9 or more people to the farm and/or would like a guided tour. If you are visiting with less than 10 people, you can simply come to the farm during opening hours. No need to book. 

Please have a look at our information on self-guided tours or read about our guided visits and workshops

Many of the large animals often come up to the fences in the yard or the paddocks and like to be stroked or scratched. Always remember to watch your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly after touching the animals or their enclosures.

If you would like to have a more exclusive visit with a chosen animal on the farm, you can purchase our Meet & Greet Experience for two for £25! This voucher is for a twenty minute ‘Meet & Greet’ for two people, with a Vauxhall City Farm animal of your choice!  Find out more or purchase a Meet & Greet voucher from our shop.

Feed dispensers are available on site. We sell grassnuts for the Sheep, Goats and Alpacas and floating duck food, for the Ducks and Geese. All of our animals have special diets designed to keep them healthy so please only feed the designated animals food from their designated dispensers.

Please be aware that this food may not always be available. Sometimes we have to take the feeders away during busy times, due to the animals having received their allocated food amounts for the day. 

Please do not feed bread to the ducks or carrots and apples to the ponies, sheep and goats. It can make them ill or teach them to bite.

If you would like to donate fruit and vegetables, please give them to a member of the farmyard staff. They will gladly incorporate your donation into the animals’ evening meals, adjusting the general feed they will be given that evening to keep them trim and healthy. 

Yes, we do indeed! For full details, please visit The Old Dairy Cafe page. The cafe’s opening hours are the same as the farm’s. 

If you wish to picnic please take advantage of the lovely Pleasure Gardens adjoining our outside paddocks.

Thank you for your understanding

Our livestock and horses are very easily frightened so unfortunately we cannot allow dogs anywhere on site. 

Licensed guide dogs are welcome on the entire farm.

We have a designated area to park your buggy while you visit the farm and cafe. This keeps our farm paths clear, allowing yourself and other visitors to move through the farm easily and better enjoy the visit!

We require all double and triple buggies to be put in the buggy park area. This ensures pathways are kept accessible to all visitors. We require single buggies to be put in the buggy park area, if the farm is very busy (weekends & school holidays).

When you arrive with a buggy, please use the entrance further down Tyers Street, by the duck pond. The designated area is signposted to the left of the cafe building.

Most of the farmyard path is concrete but a few parts can be muddy / form puddles. Wellies, walking boots or old trainers are best in poor weather. 

The animals are all tame and friendly but of course, being animals, there is always a risk of biting and scratching that we cannot rule out. Avoid putting your fingers near the animals’ mouths and please don’t try to pick up any animals. As long as you wash your hands after touching the animals, the risk of catching anything is extremely low. We also recommend rinsing your shoes and the wheels of pushchairs when you get home.

We take every measure possible to prevent the spread of disease and are inspected regularly by environmental health. If you are pregnant or think you might be, you should avoid contact with sheep and goats as there is a risk of contracting diseases that could harm you and your unborn child. For further information on staying safe when visiting farms please see our Farm Visit Guidelines.

Unfortunately not. We are not a rehoming center. We do not get the funding nor have the space to look after animals other than our own. If you are in need of finding a new home for your pet we recommend searching for small animal rehoming centers in your area. 

Please be aware that abandoning an animal is against the law, as per The Abandonment of Animals Act 1960. Please rehome your animal responsibly. 

Of course! Adopting a farm animal is a fantastic way to support the farm and the work we do and a great present for yourself or a loved one! It helps us pay for the animal’s feed, bedding and veterinary care as well as supporting the work we do with children and young people at the farm. 

Find out more about Animal Adoption and the difference it makes, or visit our shop to purchase an adoption package! 

Please visit our facilities page for a full run down on what we offer at the farm!

Have a question that’s not listed here? Please have a look through the rest of the information in the Visit Us section and otherwise call us and we will do our best to help you! 

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