Want to get up close and personal with our friendly animals? Why not purchase our Meet & Greet Experience for Two!

This voucher is for a twenty minutes Meet & Greet for two people, with a Vauxhall City Farm animal of your choice! This is a fantastic way to support the farm and to get some one-on-one time (well, two-on-one, but who's counting?) with your favourite animal! 

Meet & Greets are a great present for Birthdays, the holidays or simply to show someone that you care about them!

"We had such a wonderful time grooming and feeding the little flock [of sheep] and learning more about them. Sophie, who was doing the meet and greet for us, was absolutely fantastic! She was so enthusiastic and made the experience perfect! Would highly recommend this small but lovely farm! Thank you for a great day" -- L.R. Website feedback

Has your best friend been working long hours? Is your mum worried about the latest project deadline? Your child stressed about exams? Your dad fed up with the foxes digging up the garden and kicking over the bins?   

Spending time with animals can lower blood pressure, helps your body release relaxation hormones, and cuts down on levels of stress hormones in your blood stream. Also? Who doesn't just want to cuddle a goat or pet a pony for the fun of it?

We can adjust the experience for any age, and will adapt the method or location of meeting the animal, according to your needs and requirements. 


Visits must be booked in advance by calling the office for available dates & times. Vouchers can be bought in our online shop, on site at The Old Dairy or you can contact us by email!

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