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In Part 1 of this story you heard how Alisha, one of our amazing volunteers, came to have Mary & Khaleesi as pets. But, we knew the story wasn’t ending there. Read on for Part 2 – looking at how our adorable Fancy Rats came to be at the farm…

As it happened, my life got really busy – especially with my 3 year old boy, Ricardo, running around. Ricardo loves the rats dearly and bonded with Mary, from the first time handling her. This was amazing as she was the shyer of the two. Then, there was Tibbles my indoor cat. She didn’t take to the rats too well. Even though my cat had grown up with a hamster and a rabbit in the past just fine, I knew this would not be the best in the long-term. The rats were different – they would tease him and sometimes it looked like they were taunting him, from inside their cage. I have to admit I found this absolutely funny but realised it would only be a matter of time before the cat got his own back.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I donated them to the farm. It wasn’t too bad as I knew I’d be able to see them and visit. What’s more, rats having amazing memories and, since volunteering at the farm, I’ve found that our connection is still very strong. They also seem so happy seeing lots of other faces, in their great enclosure – not to mention all the good food. For a rather short life span of about two to three years these little guys deserve the best every day.

This is why thinking long and hard before getting a pet is so imperative, making sure you have all the knowledge and supplies first like bedding and food. Unfortunately there are animals out there purchased every day that live shorter lives or much worse due to insufficient knowledge of the animal. My one big recommendation is to look for professional rat breeders if you ever interested in owning a pair of rats.

This experience and knowing rats are often overlooked as loving pets is what makes me a proud Rat Ambassador for VCF. To inform people on these very characteristic and what loving animals they are brings me so much joy.

If you like admiring Mary and Khaleesi Rat Ambassadors is the place for you. I’m really keen for people to realize, with the right knowledge and understanding, that these are amazing animals. I went from not knowing very much about Rats to overnight obsessed! I found rats to be so smart and eager to please people. I managed to train them to recognise their names. A week later they were trained to free roam the flat (with the cat away of course) and came back to my call. It was just like training a very small puppy with an extra-long velvet tail to support them to walk on ropes like little acrobats. Their eyes are big and cute enough to keep you smiling and happy for days.

I’m continuing to train the girls whilst volunteering on the farm and they are becoming real superstars. Although I miss them, I’m just so glad that they are at the farm, bring loads of people as much joy as they bring me.

So there you have it, that’s the finale of the Ballad of Mary & Khaleesi. Now all you have to do is come and see them.

If you want to become a Rat Ambassador and learn more about Mary & Khaleesi – head to our webpage: here. Or, adopt them by heading here:

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