Thank you Bay Tree Quiz

Since the beginning of Lockdown, Bay Tree Quiz – a privately organised event – has been hosting weekly quiz nights every Thursday, to support charities close to their heart.

We were lucky enough to have been chosen as week five’s charity, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Bay Tree Quiz and the record breaking 63 teams that participated in quiz #5 raised over £1000 to help Save Vauxhall City Farm.

Congratulations to the Hertfordshire Hopefuls who won round five, runner up Vl D’Isolation, organisers Ben, Ellie, Henry, Suze and Tom – without whom non of this would be happening, and everyone else who took part in a fun night in, that really made a difference!

The quiz commandments are simply:

Every week all participants are encouraged to make a suggested donation of at least £2 to the quiz organisers who forward it to the chosen charity. You will then receive a quiz sheet via email, and at 7.30pm on Thursdays everyone jumps on Zoom, hits mute on their camera to avoid complete chaos, and has a great night!

Teams are encouraged for anyone isolating with parents, housemates, other halves, family and friends; and for anyone able to get friends in other houses on a facecall on their mobile, while navigating zoom simultaniously. There is no maximum number per team. However to keep things fair, Bay Tree Quiz are offering the option of bonus marks, for those truly self-isolating.


Sharing far and wide is hugely encouraged, so if you think this is exactly what’s been missing from your Lockdown, send us an email (subject line: Bay Tree Quiz), and we will forward it, to get you on the mailing list for future quizzes. Because as the lockdown is extended, so is the weekly quiz, to help other worthwhile causes.

If you want to organise something similar, why not head over to our Fundraising from Home page, for some inspiration?

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