Our beautiful pigs are called Jenny and Edward. They are Kune Kune pigs, from New Zealand, and they love a snooze in the sun, food and people. In that order! 

Kune Kunes come from New Zealand and their name means ‘fat and round’ in the Maori language.

Kune Kunes are small and hairy and are known for being tame and friendly. Although they are popular today they faced extinction in the 1980s when only 50 Kune Kunes remained.

Jenny and Edward have been at the farm since 2012 and they love nothing better than coming to say hello to the visitors and showing off. When they're not busy sleeping, of course! Pigs are very intelligent animals, on par with dogs, and both Jenny and Edward will sit on command, for a reward!

To keep them entertained we’ll often hide food around their pen or put food in a ball and let them join in a game of football, to make them work for their dinner. 

Pigs aren’t dirty!

Although many people think of pigs as dirty animals they are in fact very clean. They never soil their own bed as they don’t like it being wet and smelly.  If they look dirty, it’s really just a clever way of staying cool. As they can only sweat on the very tip of their nose they often roll in mud to cool down in hot weather. The mud also stops them getting sunburnt and bitten by insects.

Did you know that you can support the farm by adopting our animals? Why not adopt Jenny & Edward


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