Howard, Alan and Jessie are the semi feral cats the farm got in 2014.

They are in charge of keeping a close eye on the inevitable mouse population any farm has! As they are semi feral, they started off rather timid, but after many years of living on the farm, they have stopped running away from people and will let you say hello to them, if you're very quiet and gentle. They also love exploring the farm and finding out what all the other animals get up to! 

Howard often takes it upon himself to patrol the Pleasure Garden. Just in case there's any trouble on the horizon!

Jessie is a little shy, and feels safest if she can make Howard go and check out a situation first. 

Sadly mid 2018 we lost Alan. He and Howard were thick as thieves, always getting into trouble, and we have been very relieved to see Howard strongly bond with Jessie and not suffer too much after loosing Alan. 

Alan will be missed by staff and visitors. 

Our cats were rehomed from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protections. If you are looking for a new pet, please consider giving a home to an animal currently living in a home, rather than buying from a petshop or breeder. 

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