The duck pond is one of the happiest places at the farm and kids and adults alike love watching our ducks swim, chase for food, waddle around, quack or have a snooze in the sun.

Waffles is the only goose here at the farm. She had trouble hatching out of her egg when she was born, and was hand reared on a farm park in Surrey. She didn’t get on with geese, which is how she came to live at Vauxhall City Farm in 2011. As she gets on much better with ducks, she fit right in!

While ducks lay eggs from 6 months old, and for roughly 9 months of the year, geese will normally start laying eggs around Valentine’s Day (February) and lay around 30 – 40 eggs. At the beginning of spring, geese will start to sit on their eggs, to incubate them, and goslings will hatch 30 – 34 days later.

Even though Waffle doesn’t have a gander she will still get very protective over her nest and her eggs and can often be caught hissing and spitting at people walking past her on the street, if she thinks they are coming too close to her eggs!

The duck pond is located next to The Old Dairy Café, just before you enter our garden space. This means you can watch the ducks at play, while you enjoy your lunch, do a bit of shopping or smell the roses. Literally, at certain times of the year!

Doesn’t that sound like a perfect end to your visit to the farm?

Did you know that you can support the farm by adopting our animals? Why not adopt the ducks?

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