A Community Garden for all

Creating a Community Garden for all to enjoy!

Vauxhall City Farm, with the help of a small grant from Lambeth Council, is in the early stages of developing a Community Garden. The charity is calling on local people to volunteer and get involved in helping the farm to create gardens that can be enjoyed by all sections of the community. Why is the Farm doing this? To safeguard and enhance the plant area of the Farm, and to enable many, many, more people and families to actively enjoy, and benefit, from what will become a beautiful oasis of green.

Volunteers will learn how to grow different vegetables, herbs, and flowers that promote eco diversity.

They will learn how to make compost from recycling farm waste, which will enable plants to grow healthy and strong. How plants are vital ingredients for medicines, and how they support good mental health.

The Farm regularly supports the school curriculum as well as the personal development of children and young people in 80 inner city schools. Over the years there has been a steady increase in both educational and public interest in learning about plants and nutrition.  Statistics show child obesity levels are exceptionally high in Lambeth and our neighbouring boroughs – this can lead to serious implications later on in life. The Farm wants to help teach children how to eat well.

Many families living around the farm live in flats, without access to a garden. The Community Garden will give families and young people the ability to care for, and grow, vegetables and plants to learn about the many uses of plants. And how to care for the wider environment, as well as for their own overall nutrition and well-being.

“Creating a community garden enables the farm to embrace all sections of the community. We have over 150 languages spoken locally, and it will be wonderful to create a garden that embraces and reflects the rich diversity of the communities we have on our doorstep.” – – Monica Tyler, CEO

Vauxhall City Farm’s plant growing area, where the Community Garden is to be situated, is currently home to a small number of allotments. These are are not currently accessibly to the public due to health and safety concerns, making the area seem unloved and neglected, and are only enjoyed by a handful of local people.  The development of a community garden will enable a much loved part of the farm to bloom again, as well as enable us to open an extra quarter of the farm to all our visitors, inviting the entire community to benefit from accessing nature on their doorstep and getting involved with the farm & gardens.

To sign up to volunteer, please fill in the VOLUNTEER FORM and send it to the email address on the form.

If you have any questions, please enquire with the Community Garden team.

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