Update on the Quarantine Chicks

Remember the Quarantine Chicks we introduced you to in May? Well, they’ve grown up a bit…

We were very excited to receive an update from Mia and Amy, who are happy to report that the chicks have flown the nest… from the cardboard box in the living room, to the luxury outdoor chicken accommodation in the garden.

As any home owner knows, repairs and improvements are never done, and just when you think you’ve perfected everything, you find something else that could be tweaked… but for now the chicks have settled well into their new home and are ready to show off their fancy diggs as well as tbeir fancy selves!

Amy, Mia, and the rest of the family have found sitting in the chicken run and watching the chickens go about their day to be very calming, and we hope enjoying these photographs will have the same effects on you!

10 weeks in, the family was happy to announce that the Polish Chick is female, and has been named Kylie!

Chirpy is feeling smug, because she got a name from the start…

And after a lot of discussion, the third girl has been named as well. Please welcome Trinity!

Named after Trinity from the Matrix, she earned her name by being feisty!

First day in the new run… my, look at how big the world is now!

Three ladies and their chicken toy. Trying to figure out how to use it and get at the tasty treats keeps chickens busy and entertained, preventing them from developping unhealthy habits such as fighting, plucking feathers, or egg eating (once they start laying, that is)

We figured it out – Moving the toy dispenses oats! Their second favourite treat, right after…

…hard boiled egg!

Amy and Dad put together a hanging water bottle. Initially the chickens were scared of it but Chirpy was brave enough to explore and is now the most frequent drinker!

Hanging water bottles are a great way to prevent chickens from spilling their water or filling their drinkers with dirt, meaning the water lasts longer and is cleaner. The younger you can introduce chickens to this, the better. Though the proverb is often wrong and old dogs (and chickens) can learn new tricks, if you’re patient with them.

They look pretty satisfied with their new digs, don’t they?

Kylie having a cuddle

And that’s it from us for now.
Maybe see you again soon…

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