Countryside Alliance to the rescue!

Thank you so much to Bill Bishop, huntsman of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, for transporting Imogene and Bella back to Vauxhall City Farm this week, and to the Countryside Alliance for arranging free grazing for our other horses at a home of a supporter, and for committing to arrange the transport to facilitate their return to Vauxhall City Farm, when it will be possible to do so.

“The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating effect on the farm. I would like to thank the Countryside Alliance and the hunting community for their generosity in helping us to transport the horses to their new residence for the foreseeable future. This type of support means a lot to us and we are very grateful that you were able to help us in this way.” – – VCF chief executive Monica Tyler

Read the full story at London News Online

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Will pay for farrier costs & dental treatments for 1 horse, for 1 month

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