Come Dine With Me

You’ve seen it on TV, now do it yourself for charity! 

The Qualifiers

Get 16 colleagues, friends and family involved and arrange them into four teams of four with each person paying an entry fee. 

Each person takes turns to host the rest of their group for an evening to show off their hosting and cooking skills. 

At the end of each evening everyone puts their score for that evening’s host in an envelope which is then sealed. 

On the final evening, the envelopes are opened; and the scores added up to reveal the winner.

The winner will receive their entry fee back as a prize and go into the final group of four.

The Final

The final four again take it in turns to host and score each other with the overall winner receiving £50 and the remaining money being donated to the farm. 

Everyone gets to showcase their cooking skills, eat some amazing meals, spend time with friends and family AND you’re doing a good thing for charity. What’s not to love?

The Logistics

The following shows some suggested entry fees/prizes and donation levels.

Entry £10 per person = £160

  • Less £40 (four x round 1 winners)
  • Less £50 (overall winner prize)
  • Leaving £70 to donate to the farm.

Entry £20 per person = £320

  • Less £80 (four x round 1 winners)
  • Less £50 (overall winner prize)
  • Leaving £190 to donate to the farm

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