Billy, Sapphire, and Ronnie

Not all of our animals can stay at the farm forever. Especially animals such as the horses, who work harder than most in our small inner city riding school.

So when it comes time to find them a new home, we do so with a lot of sadness, but also a lot of care to ensure they end up in the perfect home, and a lot of excitement for the next chapter in their lives.

We couldn’t have been happier when we found the perfect owner for Billy, and then shortly after arranged for Sapphire and Ronnie to join him, in his new home by the seaside.

Lisa reports: ‘I mucked out Billy this morning in his new home. He is such a beautiful boy. Gentle with super manners and affectionate! He is making friends with the other horses and us two legged sort love him already!’

And when Sapphire and Ronnie joined Billy in his new home, Shannon informed us that all three horses have settled well into their new homes and are loving life by the beach. A bit too much maybe, as Sapphire apparently tried to cool off during the recent heat wave by taking a quick roll in the sea, rider and all! Classic Saffy.

We hope you enjoy seeing these photographs from their new home as much as we did when we received them!

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