Baby season!

Baby season just wouldn’t be the same without Clover giving birth completely unexpectedly, not anywhere near her due date! This year she was only a week early. Which is better than last year, where she gave birth a full month before she had been scanned to be due!

Luckily Clover is a fantastic mum and we never really have to worry about her lambs being looked after properly!

We do regular night checks after the farm is closed, leading up to any births on the farm. When an animal is goes into labour outside working hours, the farmyard staff will go to the farm (no matter the hour!) to ensure the births go smoothly, that mothers are producing milk and that the lambs once born work out which end to look for milk for an are able to suckle by themselves.

For Clover, these visits are always very brief, as she mostly looks confused about being disturbed, then goes back to looking after her newborns.

We are excited to introduce you to Ava and Luna, two beautiful baby girls!

Come and visit these little lovelies at the farm, Tuesday – Sunday, 10.30am – 4pm

Please donate to the farm, if you are able to!

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