We have a variety of birds in our large outdoor aviary including budgies, cockatiels, finches and often Dutch Bantam chickens.

Most small aviary birds are popular pets around the world due to their small size, range of colours, low cost, and ability to learn to talk. However, they do take a lot of looking after (and can be quite messy!). All of the birds in our aviary were given to us after their previous owners had to give them up for various reasons. 

The Dutch Bantams are a very small breed of chicken that live on the floor of the aviary. This is a great way to make use of all the space, as our aviary birds tend to stay up high. It also helps keep the aviary tidy, as the Dutch Bantams do their best to eat any seed spilled by the smaller birds above, before mice get to is. We generally keep a trio – a cock and two hens.

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