Keep The Lights On!

As an independent charity, we do not receive any funding from the Borough of Lambeth or the City of London and rely heavily on our own income generation and our supporters, to keep the lights and heating on, here at the farm!

A lot of the work we do and the outcomes we achieve are attractive to external funders, and while it is never exactly easy to secure funding for anything we do, we are often able to find grants to cover the costs of running our projects, but it’s almost impossible to get anyone to fund core costs, such as water, heating and electricity.

However we are unable to run any of the work we do with schools and young people not in education and training, if we are sitting in the dark, because no one paid the electricity bill!

Almost all of the income generation done at the farm goes towards these core costs, but imagine the additional things we could do for visitors, service users and our animals, if we didn’t have to pay £1500 a month on gas and electricity!

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