Anna Bortsova

Anna is an Illustrator and Software Engineer who has been living in the UK for the past decade, enjoying life in the city. London allows her to combine her two greatest passions: Tech and illustration.

Anna’s favourite animal on the farm are the alpacas (of course!) which is also how we found her. We were absolutely enamoured by her portrait of Tom and Jerry and simply had to find out more about Anna and her work.

“My background is a mix of art and engineering. I studied engineering, and work as a software developer.


In parallel, I have always dedicated time to my art practice: participating in illustration projects and challenges, taking illustration courses, and keeping a visual diary of people and places (and after visiting the farm – alpacas too!). Vauxhall City Farm is a heartwarming place. I was inspired by the community feel: the welcoming atmosphere, the friendly volunteers, the cosy cafe… I admire this team of people and animals working together to make the farm a truly special place for its visitors.”

Anna is always sketching on the go, carrying a notebook at all times. Having pencils and watercolours handy allows her to create art whenever inspiration strikes.

“During my short visit to the farm, I created 11 quick sketches of the gorgeous ducks, goats, bunnies and of course the majestic alpacas! Back at the studio the painting begins. I use the sketches and photos from the day for inspiration to create a digital drawing or watercolour painting.”

Anna likes to experiment, trying out different techniques, subject and materials, to create playful illustrations of animals and people. She practiced technical drawing at the Yinjie Sun Art Studio in London and completed a number of art courses at The House of Illustration and Central St.Martins.

You can find out more about Anna’s work on Anna’s Art Website (open to commission) or find recent work and sketches on her Instagram (bortsovasketches)

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