Cuddle Corner

Cuddle Corner is a great way for us to let farm visitors meet some of our smaller animals up close and personal, in a way that they are not able to, when the animals are in their enclosures.

We set up a series of straw bales, with staff and volunteers, with the farm’s smaller animals on their laps or sitting next to them. Visitors can go and sit and interact with the animals in a ten minute session, ask questions about them, and reap the benefits of spending time with animals.

It was so relaxing and such a nice break from the city, where we don’t often get the occasion to cuddle with cute pets! All the animals look well-cared for and the volunteers are very friendly, helpful and completely mad in love with the animals they care for. — Lena, Facebook review

We try and run Cuddle Corner every Saturday while the weather is warm, and during the holidays. Please check our What’s On page to find out if Cuddle Corner will be on offer during the upcoming holidays.

Please be aware that Cuddle Corner may close for lunch (normally between 1pm and 2pm), and may not run if it is too cold or raining.

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