I'm afraid we have to start this week with sad news.

Teeny, our female ferret, was diagnosed with an adrenal gland disease a few weeks after she arrived at the farm in October 2017. As she was already quite old, we were told that there was a hormone implant she could be fitted with, that would extend her lifespan by as much as was possible. Teeny had this surgery a few weeks later and for a while, it drastically increased her quality of life. 

16 months later we had to come to the decision that she needed to be put to sleep, as the implant has done all it can, and she was sadly deteriorating drastically. 

As Teeny being gone will leave Flipper, our male ferret, by himself, he has retired with one of our members of staff, who keeps ferrets as pets herself. 

While we are all very sad about having to have said goodbye to Teeny, we are very happy to see Flipper making the most of his retirement..