Goldman Sachs contacted the farm at the beginning of 2019 and encouraged us to apply to their Community Teamworks program, which we gladly did! We agreed that Goldman Sachs would do 14 days of corporate volunteering at the farm, between April and August, sending a team of 10 members of staff each time.

This adds up to over 800 hours of work Goldman Sachs are doing at the farm, which includes repair work across the entire farm, cleaning out and improving animal pens, gardening and clearing work in our allotments, painting, as well as assisting with the day to day operations of the farm, such as running Cuddle Corner, greeting visitors and helping out in The Old Dairy Cafe

The support of Goldman Sachs volunteers is amazing! Their volunteering is helping us to transform and uplift the farm environment for all the communities we serve.
- Monica Tyler, CEO
Here is a small selection of our favourite photographs of the days run so far.
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