Fundraising from Home

2020 – the Chinese Year of the Rat, the British Year of Nation Wide Lockdowns – has certainly changed the way we think about fundraising.  If we’ve learnt one thing, it’s that you can fundraise from anywhere. Heck, you can even do it in your pyjamas!

We have put together a list of (safe!) ways with which you can fundraise for your favourite charity, without ever leaving the comforts of your own home.

You can set up a fundraising page through services such as  Virgin Money Giving, or you can get in touch and set up a fundraiser right here on our website. 

Animal Dress Up

We have to start this list with the obvious, right? This one is fun for all the family, and if you make an online event out of it, multiple families! Especially if you share lots of photographs online for everyone to see and judge. You can get people to donate a fixed entry fee to take part, or donate to vote on a winner. Or build up to it and have people donate to suggest what everyone’s going to be dressing up as. Costumes should be made up only of items found in your house. 

The Great British Lockdown Bake Off

Have you been inspired by the thousands of people that won’t stop talking about their sourdough starter? Then get baking! Invite 3-5 people and challenge them to a virtual bake off. Create a hashtag, get everyone to share their creations online, and encourage your friends and family to vote by donating to the person who bakes the prettiest cake. Alternatively you can set donation targets, for example ‘Anyone donating £25 or more gets to vote on what I bake next’, to keep things interesting. 

Quarantine Haircuts 

We’ve all been worrying about what we’re going to look like, without regular haircuts. Why not lean into it? Start a fundraising page and set targets. If you reach £100, you will cut your own hair. For £200 you’ll give yourself bangs. For £300 you’ll dye your hair a crazy colour. And for £500 you’ll shave your head. 

Quarantine Beards

Make your beard match the rest of your wild untamed appearance. Get people to sponsor you for growing a beard as long as Merlin’s, and pay a fine to charity, if you cave and shave! 

Cancelled Celebrations

Did you have a brithday or other celebration that was ruined by a lockdown? Now is your chance to turn this into something positive, for charity! Organise an online celebration, and ask your attendees to donate to the charity of your choice, in lieu of the birthday presents they would have purchased, or the bottle of wine they would have brought along. 

Rubik’s Cube Challenge

You know that Rubik’s Cube that is collecting dust on a shelf in your living room? (We all have one of those, right? It’s not just us…) We think you should get some competitive friends, all with their own Rubik’s Cubes, and fight it out in an online Rubik’s Cube Battle! Get your friends and family to donate to charity putting money on the winner 

Online Game Night 

Why not host an online game night? Sell “tickets” at £5 per person with all proceeds going to charity, tell everyone to dig our the crisps from the back of their cupboard and voila! A fun night with your friends, while doing something worthwhile. 

Movie Night 

Much on the same theme, organise a movie night for your friends! There are various online services that allow you to watch television at the same time as your friends without having to make sure that everyone presses start at the same time. 

Treadmill Marathon 

If you are lucky enough to have access to a treadmill (excercise bike? step up machine? dishwasher liquid and a very smooth kitchen floor?) use it to complete that marathon you were unable to attend due to lockdown. Measure how long it is from your front door to your kitchen, and run a marathon that way. Or do it running up and down some stairs, really work those quads! 

Karaoke Night 

There are numerous social media platforms that allow you to go live on your phone, by yourself, or with support from a friend. We think you should really go live. Live in concert! Hold a karaoke evening and get people to donate to make song requests – or possible to get you to stop singing – either way you’re raising money! 

Art is Art!

Offer to draw, sketch, or paint photographs people send to you, for a fixed cost dontation. Maybe you’re an awesome artist. Maybe you’re really, really bad. Either way, this is going to be a lot of fun for everyone! 

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