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There are dozen of different ways to fundraise and we can’t wait to see, what you come up with!

We’ve had people throw themselves out of air planes for the farm, Abseil from the UK’s tallest sculpture, walk Hadrian’s Wall, visit streets in London, that included animals, and in 2019 Sean Ellis raised over £25k by running the London Marathon, which was matched pound for pound by his employer, the Berkeley Foundation.

These are just a few of the things people have organised, to raise funds for the farm, and we are incredibly grateful and excited, to see what might be next!

If you need some ideas on how you want to start your fundraising, why not look through our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas, for inspiration?

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It costs around £50,000 per month to run the farm and deliver all our education, training, support and therapy programmes. Sounds like a lot but when you consider that our work reaches over 100,000 people each year in one way or another that equates to a delivery cost of less than £1 per person. We think that’s amazing value!

Keeping the funds coming in however, is a constant focus. We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible and currently raise around 75% of the funds we need, through our own Trading, Charitable and in-house fundraising events and activities.

The remaining 25% is raised through the generosity of our supporters, donors and funders: Of that, around 6% comes from donations made by visitors to the farm, philanthropic donations and legacies. A combination of Private Charitable Trusts & Foundations and Corporate Support from the business community provides another 12%. The remainder is made up of a combination of reclaimed Gift Aid and other miscellaneous income sources.

We are grateful for all the support and funding we receive; large and small; it’s what allows us to keep doing all we do!

Look through our current appeals and start fundraising now or contact us for more information and to discuss details. 

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