A Vauxhall City Farm Corporate Challenge Day is a great way to get your team involved in the local community, work on team building, fulfil your CSR requirements and take positive steps towards improving employee health and welfare, by getting them out of the office and into the fresh air! 

“Thank you for having us all – as a team we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt it a rewarding day, being able to give something back to Vauxhall City Farm and in turn, the community.”

Visit our Farm Blog to see the work previous teams have done at the farm.  

We offer both full days and half days for your team!  

Half Day

Ø £25 per person

Ø Minimum of 10 people

Ø Includes staff supervision

Ø Includes all materials & tools

Ø Includes Protective Equipment

Ø Does not include a room.

Ø Room can be booked for £150 for 4 hours.

Ø Includes secure bag storage (limited space)

Full Day

Ø £50 per person

Ø Minimum of 10 people

Ø Includes staff supervision

Ø Includes all materials & tools

Ø Includes Personal Protective Equipment

Ø Includes one of our meeting rooms

Ø Includes secure bag storage (limited space)

Ø Tasks can be limited to morning only with meeting room being used for a staff meeting in the afternoon


We can provide a hot drinks station for the entire day for £2.95 +VAT per head.
We can provide catering for your group. Please contact us for details. We do not allow external catering to be brought on site.

If your group is less than 10 or more than 30 people, please call us to discuss availability.

We offer up to ten corporate challenge days a year, so if your organisation is looking to support a local charity this year, have a read through our Corporate Challenge Flyer or contact us for more information. 

“The staff were all really great with us! We loved meeting the animals and the task was very fulfilling and perfectly suited to our group. My colleagues have been very positive about the experience, and seeing the end result was great!”

While we love having corporate groups on the farm to help out and complete project, we are a small site and availibility can be limited. If we do not have availability for your group or chosen date, there are dozens of other great ways you can support us! Why not hold a bake sale in the office? Do a sponsored run for the farm? Or chose us as your charity of the year? Check out our A - Z of Fundraising Ideas to get inspired!

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