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As most of you will already know, we had to close the riding school at the beginning of this year, due to COVID-19. The horses were moved out of London to give them the appropriate space and exercise they wouldn’t have been able to get in the city, while lessons were cancelled and the farm was closed to the public.

During this downtime we reviewed our riding arena and sought outside opinions on the work necessary to upgrade it, with the conclusion that extensive refurbishment work will be required to make the arena fit for purpose for the future. To achieve this, we need to raise funds and appoint contractors to carry out the work, which is to be expected to last until Spring 2021.

The current situation has meant that a lot of difficult decisions have to be made, and believe us when we say that none of them have been made lightly. Due to the projected amount of time the refurbishment work will take, we have decided to temporarily close the riding school.

Looking at the age of all of our current horses and the length of service at the farm, we have decided to rehome the remaining horses, as they have or will be coming to the end of their ‘riding school career’ in accordance with our Horse Welfare Policy, before the work can be completed.

While we are sad to say goodbye to them, we are very excited to update that Sapphire and Ronnie have joined Billy at his new home in Sussex, Mollie was sold to a former member of the riding team, and Jupiter has remained with the family who looked after the horses while they were on holidays during lockdown.

Head over to our Spotlight Blog for photographs from the horse’s new home by the sea.

We are planning to start over with the riding school and restructure our offer, once all necessary repair works have been completed and we look forward to sharing updates with you all, as the work progresses.

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