We are excited to announce that Vauxhall City Farm and The Old Dairy Café will reopen from Tuesday, 28th July, with adjusted opening hours.

The farm will be open 10.30am - 3.30pm on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Until the 20th August we are part of Lambeth and Southwark's 'Summer of Food and Fun' on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and therefore the farm will remain shut to general visitors on these days, between the 28th July and the 20th August.

We will regulate the number of people entering the farm and being on site at any one time to ensure social distancing rules can be easily followed.

We encourage you, in respecting the safety and comfort of other people, to wear a face covering during your visit.

Visitors will be required to leave a name and contact phone number on entry, to participate in the NHS Test and Trace. We urge you to contact us if you develop symptoms within 7 days of your visit to the farm.

There will be a one way system around the farm. We ask that visitors enter through the gate by the Duck Pond and Gardens, and exit through the gate with the Vauxhall City Farm Arch. Stewards will be stationed at both entrance and exit to ensure the one way system is upheld.

There are four hand washing stations across the Farm. Visitors will be asked to wash their hands on arrival at the Farm (handwashing by the buggy parking area) and encouraged to wash their hands throughout their visit, and will be able to wash their hands immediately before leaving.

If visitors park their buggies in the buggy parking during their visit, they must exit the farm at the end of the one way system, and re-enter through the Duck Pond gate, to collect their buggies. Please be aware this may mean having to queue to get in a second time. Due to the small number of visitors allowed on site at any one time, we do not require people to park their buggies at this time, and encourage keeping your buggy with you during your visit to prevent having to queue to retrieve your buggy at the end of your visit.

Visitors must keep two meters away from people not from their own household. Floor markings and signage has been installed across the farm to remind people to keep their distance, and volunteer stewards will be on-site to guide people safely around the Farm and ensure crowds do not form.

Re-opening is a huge relief, but it brings new and ongoing financial challenges. More staff are needed to ensure the safe re-opening of the Farm to the public, and running costs such as water, electricity and maintenance of the farmyard and stables are ongoing. Simultaneously, many of our programmes are unable to be run, and those that remain are at reduced capacity, for your safety.

Unlike zoos, safari parks, etc. Vauxhall City Farm does not charge entry, and many of the income generating activities (such as School Visits, Room Hire, Cuddle Corner, Animal Meet & Greets etc.), are still forbidden under the new government guidance.

These remain hard times for everyone, and so we ask for your patience when visiting the Farm. There will likely be queuing involved and some areas of the farm will remain closed. This is an ever-changing situation and we are doing all we can to adapt to it.

We also ask you to donate to the farm during your visit, to help us cover our costs during this difficult time.

Please be aware that we are minimising cash handling on site to reduce risk to staff and volunteers.

Donations can be made by card via our contactless donation machine.

Cash donations can be placed directly into donation buckets.

Grass nuts and Duck food can be purchased pre-bagged at the entrance, for £1. There will be no possibility to purchase food once you have entered the animal area, and due to the one way system you will be unable to return to the entrance. If you wish to purchase animal food, please ensure to do so at the start of your visit. 

Alternatively, you can donate to our Go Fund Me Appeal to Save Vauxhall City Farm online, prior to your visit.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.