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Wondering how you can help the environment without too much effort?

We have just the thing! We’ve created our own seedballs. These magical little balls of clay are filled with soil and seeds from a range of wildflowers, including poppies, ox-eye daisies and more. 

How does it work?

  1. Scatter the balls on some soil or compost. It could be your garden, yarden, window box or even just a pot.
  2. When it rains (or you water lightly) the seeds will begin to germinate and then sprout.
  3. Plants burst free of the balls and take root in your chosen area.


Each tin contains around ten balls, which in turn have around twenty to thirty seeds in. No sewing required and with a little tlc (if it doesn’t rain), you’ll be enjoying the benefits of cleaner air and greater support to our wonderful pollinators – #SaveTheBees (and butterflies and ladybirds, and a whole host of others). You can read on the benefits of seedballs here.

Get your tin today and start your journey towards a eco-warriorship today!

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