BirdRangers Kit

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Looking for a new activity to connect you to nature?

Look no further! Vauxhall City Farm and Songbird Survival have teamed up to provide your new lockdown hobby. BirdRangers is the outcome of this partnership and is designed to get people more familiar with our feathered friends.

What does my BirdRanger Kit include:

  • Bincoulars
  • Large identification chart, for your wall
  • Small identification chart, for in the field
  • Instruction flyer
  • Access to, online recording tool


How does it work?

  1. Take out your binoculars and identification poster
  2. Pick your spot. It could be the woods, your balcony…anywhere really
  3. Record what you see
  4. Head to or scan the QR code on your id poster and let us know what you’ve spotted
  5. Bask in all your birdwatching glory

Get your kit today and start your journey towards master birder!