New Shoots supports unemployed young people aged 16 – 25

Join us in this opportunity to: 

  • Achieve and gain an accredited qualification 
  • Identify goals & pathways to success
  • Build the confidence, self esteem and motivation to succeed
  • Develop REAL skills that employers look for
  • Gain valuable practical experience, qualifications and knowledge
  • Boost communication skills & self-confidence 
  • Enjoy the free lunches & travel provided 
  • Participate in work experience
  • Overcome barriers and achieve positive next steps
  • Meet new people 

“I can honestly say I walked out of Vauxhall City Farm a far more confident, self-aware, happier, purposeful and motivated person than I walked in. I enjoyed each day I was there, which is testament to everyone involved, and I now have a job, so thank you!” — Chris, New Shoots participant

New Shoots is 3 days a week, for 4 weeks. 

The New Shoots programme is a golden opportunity which is totally free. three days per week, 11am – 4.30pm, for 4 weeks. Lunch provided and travel reimbursed. 

“I have been working with him for 18 months and it has been a revelation watching how he responded to working with animals, being given the responsibility to feed, water and care for them. It has stabilised him and allowed him to begin to imagine going to college. Unthinkable when we first met. I am delighted to hear from him that he has signed up to Maths, English and Life-skills courses (as well as gym and football) for his remaining weeks at Thameside.” — Referral partner 

Ready to grow? Contact Us today to arrange to come and see us for an initial, informal ‘getting to know you’ meeting and we can take it from there!

Call us on 020 7582 4204 (Option 4) Or Text ‘CALL ME’ to 07415779926 and we’ll call you back!

Looking to refer someone? Download our Referrer Information and fill out our Referral Form

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