Vauxhall City Farm are offering schools and nurseries the chance to incubate and hatch eggs in their own classroom. This is an exciting opportunity for children to learn about life cycles and take responsibility for the animals in their care.

We provide all the necessary equipment and expertise to help you provide a unique, curriculum linked learning experience in your own classroom.

Supporting the national curriculum

By incubating and hatching chicks pupils gain hands-on experience of life cycles and the characteristics of living things. They will understand the needs of the growing chicks and learn to treat them with care and sensitivity. Although the project supports many aspects of the science curriculum, education sessions and worksheets can also incorporate literacy, mathematics, art and design, and citizenship.

Download our Incubation Flyer or read on below!

“This was a really valuable experience for all of the children in Nursery. The sessions with the farmers were very helpful and the children loved seeing the fully grown hens and noisy cockerels. All of the children were eager to get involved and have a go holding the chicks – even children who we thought might struggle to hold them gently really proved us wrong! Thank you to everyone from the farm! We look forward to doing it again next year!”

How much does it cost?

The project costs £330 for schools within 5 miles. Please contact us if you are outside this radius.

Your school will receive:

  • Eggs and all equipment including incubator, brooder, heat lamp, bedding and feed
  • Two 25 minutes education sessions in your classroom, tailored to your group’s age
  • Support from the farm staff in the event of any problems or worries
  • Full instruction and resource pack including worksheets and activity ideas
  • Collection of all equipment and chicks at the end of the week they hatch in

If you wish to keep the chicks for longer, you can do so and return chicks and equipment to the farm yourself, at your chosen date. Please discuss this with us via email beforehand.

When does the project start?

Incubation projects are available in End of February, mid-April and mid-June. Please contact us for a full list of dates.

How long does the project last?

The length of time needed to incubate eggs differs depending on what you are hatching. Chickens take 21 days. Generally, the chicks will stay with you for 5 days, after they have hatched, before we pick them up

What birds will we hatch?

We recommend chickens as they don’t take too long to incubate and are easier to hatch and easy to look after. There may be opportunities for you to hatch ducks eggs instead. Please contact us for further details.

Where do the eggs come from?

The eggs will have been laid by our own free range chickens living at the farm or sourced from another responsible breeder.

Can we come and visit the farm afterwards?

Of course! We encourage all schools and nurseries to visit the farm and see all of our animals. Please ensure to book with the Education team, as there is a small charge for groups of 10 or more people
If you really like the idea of having chickens in the school we can help you get started! This way you can enjoy the fresh eggs and educational benefits of chickens every day!

“All staff were friendly, helpful and informative. Sessions were well pitched to the class, and the children learnt so much! It ticks off so many learning goals in the Early Years curriculum and was very cross curricular in the activities we could do.”

If you would like to make a booking or receive further information please contact the Education Team.

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