Wonderful Wool Workshop

Come and learn about the variety of animals who have their wool harvested each year and spun into yarn to make clothing with. Wool spinning is a traditional method of making clothes and is still used regularly today. Your group will learn the process of how wool is harvested and has it’s fibres untangled via the carding method, before it is then spun into yarn.

You will compare the different textures, colours and uses of wool from different animals and their breeds. You will then experience the wool making process first hand by carding the wool that has come from animals on our farm, before having a go at spinning the wool into yarn, using a drop spinner.

You will also have time to explore the farm, getting up close to the animals which provide us with wool. You will be given an interactive discovery trail, to guide you around the farm, supporting the learning from the staff led session. You will also be given feed for the animals, to have a go at hand feeding the larger animals, such as sheep, goats and alpacas.

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