Micro World Workshop

Join us to explore the ecosystems within our ecology garden. Hunt amongst the bark, earth and plants, to find the smallest residents on the farm. Pond dipping is available during newt season, when we are lucky enough to have these amphibians come to lay their eggs in our pond, which shortly thereafter is full of baby newts, or efts, as they are called.

Your group will learn about what role each of these mini beasts play within their habitat, what importance they play in their food chain and in the greater food web and how this interlinks with other ecosystems on the farm. We will spend time understanding how our city environment effects such ecosystems and what we can do to encourage more wildlife in our surroundings.

You will also get time to explore the wider farm, to see our larger animals and you will be given the opportunity to feed some of the livestock animals by hand, such as the goats, sheep and alpacas.

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