Coins for Crias

“Cria [Kreeuh]: (noun) a baby vicuna, llama, guanaco or alpaca

Can you help us bring baby alpacas to Vauxhall City Farm? 

We have recently launched our ‘Coins for Crias’ campaign to raise money to buy three new alpacas for Vauxhall City Farm.

Our alpacas are two of the most popular animals here on the farm and have been for over 15 years. During that time, they have done hundreds of Meet & Greets, donated their wool for workshops and to local crafters, posed for plenty of photographs and even found the time to feature in a Hollywood film! With the recent departure of Tom, we now want to give Ben & Jerry the luxurious retirement they deserve, and we are on the hunt for the perfect place for them to spend their golden years. Their retirement will leave some alpaca sized holes at Vauxhall City Farm, which is why we have launched our ‘Coins for Crias’ campaign.

We hope to bring three new, baby alpacas to Vauxhall City Farm and need your donations to do so!

Alpacas are kind and gentle animals, which makes them ideal for Vauxhall City Farm. They are herd animals, which is why we like to keep three alpacas on the farm at any one time. A female alpaca will only carry one offspring at a time, giving birth in spring between May and September. At birth, a cria, or baby alpaca, weighs around 6 to 8kg. As adults, they can weigh up to 70kg! Cria are ready for weaning at around 5 to 7 months, at which point they will stop drinking their mothers’ milk and start grazing, eating grass, leaves and even bark.

Vauxhall City Farm takes great care of our animals, making sure they have a sound roof over their head at night and access to paddock areas during the day. They are monitored by trained staff and veterinarians to ensure they are kept healthy and happy and receive plenty of love and healthy treats from our visitors and volunteers daily.

Donate now to our ‘Coins for Crias’ campaign to bring baby alpacas to Vauxhall City Farm.


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