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You can set up your own fundraising page right here on our website and start raising money for the farm, as an individual, or as a company!Read more

Be our Friend

Become a Friend of the Farm, help a charity and receive exclusive rewards.Read more

Corporate Support

Whether you own your own business or work within one; there are so many different opportunities to get involved with Vauxhall City Farm…Read more

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

The following A-Z gives a range of ideas and ways in which you can support us; including some ideas that will cost you nothing more than a few minutes of your timeRead more

No cost fundraising

There are many ways to help raise funds for the farm without actually spending a penny of your own money, come and take a look!Read more

Adopt an Animal

Does every visit to the farm leave you wanting a rabbit, a goat and a horse to bring back to your tiny London flat? Why not do the next best thing and sponsor them at Vauxhall City Farm?Read more