Feed dispensers are available on site. We sell grassnuts for the Sheep, Goats and Alpacas and floating duck food, for the Ducks and Geese. All of our animals have special diets designed to keep them healthy so please only feed the designated animals food from their designated dispensers.

Please be aware that this food may not always be available. Sometimes we have to take the feeders away during busy times, due to the animals having received their allocated food amounts for the day. 

Please do not feed bread to the ducks or carrots and apples to the ponies, sheep and goats. It can make them ill or teach them to bite.

If you would like to donate fruit and vegetables, please give them to a member of the farmyard staff. They will gladly incorporate your donation into the animals' evening meals, adjusting the general feed they will be given that evening to keep them trim and healthy.