Valentine's Day is often looked at, by romantics, as a day to declare all of our feelings to someone we are currently in a relationship with or someone we wish to be in a relationship with; or by cynics as a day invented by the manufacturers and suppliers of flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards, to guilt trip us into spending our hard earned money on these things, so as not to get in trouble with our significant others. 

Or alternatively, if you don't really have strong feelings either way, it's simply a week's lead up to a day you don't pay attention to or care about, where everything around you is just a little bit fluffier than usual, a little pinker, and a lot more covered in hearts, doves and cupids. 

What often gets forgotten about, is that the Feast of Saint Valentine is simply about the celebration of love.

So let's celebrate love, in all it's myriad ways! 

We hope you enjoy the photographs below and we wish a Happy Valentine's Day to you, and your loved ones!